Gamma Tau

Texas Tech University


ZTA loves to connect with our fellow Greek students on campus, and around the city of Lubbock. We regularly host social events with different sororities in Panhellenic, and love when we pair with an IFC Fraternity during Homecoming! We participate in TTU's "So Sing" competition where pairs of organizations team up and choreograph dances and have singers perform with their own rendition of a piece of music that coordinates with the TTU Homecoming theme. 
In addition to this, we have fun sisterhood social events within our chapter. We've gone rollerskating, had cookouts, sleepovers, and even TV watching parties at our lodge to spend more time socially with our sisters. 
We've paired with Alpha Chi Omega to celebrate our Founder's Day (which is on the same day in different years!) having snow cones in front of our lodge and having a block party. 
We're always looking for more ways to get together with other campus organizations, at ZTA we believe making connections that will last after college is what this time is meant for.